NVIDIA Gamestream

With Gamestream technology NVIDIA provides a solution to wirelessly transmit a game from a Gaming-PC to a smartphone.
When using a suitable gamepad (see below) the smartphone is used for display and soundplayback as well as a sender for the gamepad inputs.

This technology brings graphical complex games to the smartphone which are processed on a powerful gaming pc.

Many graphic cards require a connected display which is turned on, otherwise the graphical output is not calculated. To get rid of a useless power consuming display you can connect a tiny HDMI adapter which can "simulate" a display with up to 4K resolution. The pc works then "headless", the In- and Output takes place on the smartphone.

Required components




The latency is around 40ms while beeing connected through a 5GHz 802.11n 300Mbit WiFi (as per Limelight). The game (in this case GTA V) runs smoothly without any problems.
The videosettings in the youtube video are 720p and 30fps.

Headless Ghost

The Headless Ghost ist a tiny HDMI Adapter which is plugged into the Graphiccard of the PC. It simulates an active display. The resolution can be flexibly set to e.g. 1080p or 4K. That way the Graphiccard outputs the video and no unnecessary power is wasted for a display.
In addition the device very cheap (10 british pounds).

YouTube Video