Remote for Steam

Start your pc and Steam's Big Picture mode with your smartphone.
PC-Gaming on the TV without a gaming console!

Remote for Steam aka SteamRemote

The Remote for Steam app turns your pc into a home video game console. Take your gamepad and make yourself comfortable on the couch, while the app starts your pc. As soon as the pc is running the Steam Big Picture mode gets started and you are ready to start!

For communication a small application is required on your pc.
Download it here right now. important

Download the app

Why was the app renamed and what about my premium purchase?


Feature Android
Start the PC using Wake on LAN
Start Steam Big Picture mode
OneClick gaming experience
Auto discover available PC's
Manage multiple gaming pcs
Display pc availability
Supports In-Home-Streaming setups (where two PC's have to be started)
Ad free premium
Homescreen Widget premium
Execute functions of Tasker plugins (e.g. AnyMote to automatically turn on the TV) premium
Future premium features included premium

Getting started

Step 1

Download and install Steam

Step 2

Download and install the pc application

Step 3

Install the Remote for Steam app on the smartphone and get started


E-Mail: info(at)