Automatically turn on the TV using Infrared


The following points are required to use the function:

  • An IR-compatible Android device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, LG G2, ...)
  • AnyMote Smart IR Remote, either the free version or the paid version if you want to control more than one device (e.g. turn on your receiver too)
  • The premium version of SteamRemote

AnyMote Initial configuration

To automatically (or manually) turn on your tv using SteamRemote you have to setup AnyMote first.
I assume that you have already selected the correct remote configuration within AnyMote and are able to control the TV within the AnyMote app.

Setup an AnyMote macro

This step is optional. If the app has to send multiple infrared commands in a row you have to create a macro which bundles these single commands together. Refer to the AnyMote manual to create your macro.

Open the SteamRemote app

Open the SteamRemote app, make sure that you have a valid premium licence and your pc configured within the app.

Then open the pc details screen as shown.

Add an action

Click on the more button (3-dot-icon) on the actionbar and click on 'Add action'.

Select the AnyMote application

If you have the AnyMote application installed on your device the list should show an entry 'Remote - Command'. Select this entry.

Using the AnyMote select dialog

The AnyMote selection dialog comes up. Click on 'My macros' in the list to select your previously created macro or select a single command from one of your configured remotes.

Test the action

You can hit the 'Test' button to try your new action. Click on 'Continue' to go on.

Automate the action

If you want to execute the action each time you start your pc and the big picture mode confirm the dialog. Otherwise select 'No'. You can start it manually in both cases.

Congratulations! Starting your gaming environment is now even simpler.