PC Setup - Individual system or In-Home-Streaming Setup


The PC configuration of the app can handle different scenarios which are explained below.

Individual system with Wake-On-LAN

When using this configuration the Steam Big Picture Mode should be started on one single system.
In addition the PC can be connected to a TV.

The Steam Remote Server Application has to be installed on the PC. It acts as a receiver for the app.

If the pc should only be started using Wake-On-LAN without the Steam Big Picture Mode you can set the checkmark 'Start Big Picture Mode only manually'.

If you also want to power on the Tv using Infrared refer to the page which describes how to add an Action.

Individual system with Wake-On-LAN (continued)

The parameters are already entered if the pc was found using the automatic discovery feature.

Make sure that the MAC-Adress is of the wired ethernet adapter of the pc. Further information about the Wake-On-LAN configuration can be found on the associated help page.

You can test the Wake-On-LAN configuration using the button 'Send test packets'. Before that turn off the pc to make sure that it works.

The MAC-Adress has to be entered as a 12 character string without delimiters. The address 2A:14:6B:3D:75:10 will be entered as 2A146B3D7510.

In-Home-Streaming Server with Wake-On-LAN

If you use the Steam In-Home-Streaming feature two PC's are required. One of them provides the game (Server), the other one renders it on the TV (Client).
The Steam Remote App can either start both PC's or just one of them.

To find the Streaming Server it has to be powered on and connected to the network. Also make sure that the Steam Software is started and the In-Home-Streaming feature is activated.

The Steam Remote application must only be installed on the Client PC if you want to start the Big Picture mode on it.

On the Streaming Server is no additionally software installed (for communication with the app), so you should run Steam in the Autostart.

In-Home-Streaming Server with Wake-On-LAN (continued)

After pressing the button 'Search server' all available In-Home-Streaming Servers are found automatically. The parameters are applied if one of the servers is selected.

Attention! The automatic discovery of the MAC-Adress does not work under all circumstances. Eventually the address has to be entered manually!

In-Home-Streaming Server with Wake-On-LAN (continued)

If you only want to start the Streaming Server without starting the Big Picture Mode on a Client PC you can activate the option 'Start Big Picture Mode only manually'.

This is useful if Steam is autostarted on the Client PC.

Further setups

By using the numerous setup parameters further setups are possible.

Overview of all capabilities:
  • Individual system with or without Wake-On-LAN
  • In-Home-Streaming setup with two systems (with or without Wake-On-LAN)
  • Only start In-Home-Streaming Server
  • Only Wake-On-LAN for up to two systems without starting the Big Picture Mode

Additionally you can power on multiple devices using infrared with each of the setups.